A no-cooking cake with fruit and whipped cream


(Crust #1)

Procedure (making crust #1)

  1. Mix and press in bottom of a 9 x 13 pan. Bake 10 minutes at Cool.


(Crust #2)

Procedure (making crust #2)

  1. Blend all ingredients thoroughly. Pat dough on bottom of a pan.
  2. Bake at for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. Cool.


(Crust #3)

Procedure (making crust #3)

  1. Crush cookies and mix them with the margarine. Press mixture in bottom of pan.


(Filling for 1 cake)


  1. Whip margarine/sugar/egg mixture with electric mixer and spread over cooled crust.
  2. Place bananas, cut side down, on top of above layer.
  3. Spread on the pineapple chunks, then the strawberries.
  4. Whip the cream, cover the whole dish with whipped cream, and sprinkle with nuts.
  5. Refrigerate 4 hours before serving.


Difficulty: easy.
Time: 20 minutes preparation, 4 hours cooling.
Precision: approximate measurement OK.


Peggy B. Gillenwater 
Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego 
Recipe last modified: 28 Feb 86

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