Recent additions and changes
Instant C9x: Doug Gwyn's Q8   (Oct 9, 1999)

``The attached files were created by Doug Gwyn to supplement some C implementations that did not provide all of the C9x library.''

Identifiers NOT To Use in C Programs, a list compiled Stan Brown   (Oct 5, 1999)

``If you want to write a portable C program, you have to be careful not to give your own definitions to any of the identifiers that are reserved by the C standard.''

EiC: An extensible interactive C interpreter/compiler   (Dec 4, 1998)

Ed Breen is developing this free, byte-code based C interpreter/compiler system.

Dennis M. Ritchie   (July 14th, 1998)

Dennis Ritchie's homepage has grown interesting and funny.

Collection of Jörg Schön's C-programs   (May 22nd, 1998)

ANSI C utilities, with Unix-style Makefiles.

C++ tutorial for C users   (Mar 4th, 1998)

From Belgium, Eric Brasseur walks the reader through the first hours of a C programmer's fresh acquaintance with C++.

LCC-Win32: a compiler system for Windows 95 - NT (Jan 24th, 1998)

Jacob Navia and others have ported the lcc compiler to win32 and are well on their way towards a free development environment.

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