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[U. S. A.]The Learning Company

The Learning Company has been bought and sold a number of times since the publishing of Robot Odyssey I. The "new" Learning Company has said, according to one source, that it has no knowledge of Robot Odyssey I and if it was indeed their game, they have no interest in selling, supporting or enforcing their copyright on it. Another source inside TLC says: "There are still a few people from the "old" TLC who where there for the development of RO. I am not sure whom you spoke with about the copyright, but I would not be too sure that TLC is not interested in enforcing the copyright. I am not saying that they are, but I know that people have approached us about gaining the rights to the product and we have not been interested."

The Learning Company recently (1998) merged with Brøderbund.

The Learning Company has a homepage at http://www.learningco.com/.

For more information, see Broderbund Software.

Robot Odyssey I

Written 1985 by Rick Levenson (levenson@saffron.Eng.Sun.COM).
Runs on:

Notes: More information can be found here and at www.droidquest.com.

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