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Mountain Valley Software

Their games came out around 1984-85 (some as early as 1981, though) and had character graphics. According to some people they were awful, according to some they were the best Commodore 64 character graphics ever. There was rarely any plot or real aim of the adventure other than getting to the end. Most problems could be solved with either looking at something or moving it.

Smuggler's Inn

Character graphics Written in Basic.
Runs on:

Comments: Escape from a smuggler hideout.

Volcano of Raka-Tua

Runs on:

Oasis of Shalimar

King Solomon's Mines

Runs on:

Himalayan Odyssey

Runs on:

Comments: It essentially had a two-word parser, though it would accept more for certain commands like "say". It was much in the vein of the Scott Adams games.

Scroll of Akbar Khan

Runs on:

Castle of Mydor

Runs on:

The Lost City

Runs on:

Dark Planet

Runs on:

Mystery Island

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