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[U. S. A.]EduWare Services, Inc

The adventure games were written by EduWare's Interactive Fantasies division. The company was closed in 1984. Some of the employees went on to form a new company called Electric Transit.

There are inofficial sites about EduWare Services, Inc:

For more information, see Electric Transit.

Mystery House

Runs on:

Notes: This is the same game that was published by Sierra On-Line. Ken Williams who wrote the game came to EduWare before starting Sierra On-Line. During negotiations with EduWare, he decided that he should start his own software company. So, he broke off negotiations, formed Sierra, and the rest is history. EduWare never actually published "Hi-Res Mystery House" as it was then called, but it was advertised. For more information, see Sierra On-Line, Inc


Written 1981 by David Mullich.
Runs on:

Prisoner 2

Written 1982 by David Mullich.
Runs on:

The Empire Trilogy

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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