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Avalon Hill

Avalon hill is a part of Hasbro Interactive, Inc (another homepage) at least since 1998.

Avalon Hill has a homepage at http://www.avalonhill.com/.

They distribute Oxford Digital Enterprises.


Type: TO (sound effects) Written by John Winnie and Stanley Baronett, Jr.
Runs on:

Notes: Map included in package.

Empire of the Overmind

Text only Written 1981.
Runs on:
Rid a desolate, suffering land of the evil 'overmind'.

The same tape had versions of the program for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, and TRS-80 Model II.

Package blurb:

Embark on an Heroic Quest!

The powerful magic of King Alcazar summons you beyond the boundaries of time and space to a different plane of reality, to the Empire of the Over-Mind. The Over-Mind is tyrant of the blue and red planets; part machine, part spirit of evil. Long ages past, it cleverly overthrew the great King Alcazar, but the king escaped to safety and planned revenge that has taken a thousand years to fulfill. Now, at the Conjunction of the Seventeen Planes, the stage is set for YOU to travel to the Empire of the Over-Mind and destroy the infernal abomination!

G. F. S. Sorceress

Written 1982.
Runs on:

Comments: Pretty good game.

Lords of Karma

Text only Written 1980.
Runs on:
Notes: The adverts for this game had the subtitle "Why, it's better than food."

The same tape had versions of the program for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, PET, and TRS-80.

Package blurb:

Explore the Magical Universe of Karma!

Suddenly you find yourself in the central square of the mythical city of Golconda, in the magical universe of Karma. Just staying alive may be more than you can handle, but the Lords of Karma are watching your every move and they will not let you rest until you have performed may deeds of kindness and bravery. You must explore the verdant forests, twisting hills, rugged mountains, and labyrinthine caverns of the universe of Karma, gradually learning its secrets and completing your tasks. But watch out, there are lurking monsters waiting for lunch -- YOU!!

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