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[U. S. A.]Accolade

Accolade has a homepage at http://www.accolade.com/.

Law of the West

Bitmap graphics/Music/Multiple choice Written 1985 by Alan Miller, Mini Doggett [graphics] and Ed Bogas [music].
Runs on:
Notes: The package contains one disk and a small instruction booklet and a folding "quick start" card. The entire game is played with a joystick.

Comments: You wander around a typical "western movie" town, meet people and have to deal with them. You have a selection of four or five things to say at each turn. Get it wrong and they try to shoot you. Get it right and they might give you some information.

Package blurb:

If you've ever wanted to strap on a six-shooter, pin a tin star to your chest and match the exploits of a Bat Masterson or Wyatt Earp, then Law of the West is your chance.

Hardcase Gunslingers

You're going to need true grit, and then some, to play it. Because as the Sheriff of Gold Gulch - as tough a Wild West town as there ever was you'll have all you can do to survive 'til sundown. Standing in your way will be all manner of hardcase gunslingers, desperadoes and dry gulchers looking to rob the town bank, run roughshod over innocent townspeople and plant you in Boot Hill. So, like Masterson in Dodge City and Earp in Tombstone, you'll be forced to face one challenge after another threatening both your authority and your life.

The Third Courier

Point-n-Click/Music Written 1989 by Carol Manley and Ivan Manley.
Runs on:

Comments: Set in the cold-war Berlin, where you as an agent have to hunt a missing suitcase stolen from the KGB/terrorists.

Altered Destiny

Moving character graphics/Music Written 1990 or 1991 by Michael Berlyn.
Runs on:
Notes: The game comes with a manual and a code wheel. It was available in two different package types. The first was a two-piece box, the second a one-piece box that opened at the top.

Comments: A man is sucked through what he thought was his tv, into a mysterious world populated with strange creatures. He must overthrow an evil being.

Les Manley in: Search for the King

Moving character graphics Written 1990 by Steve Cartwright.
Runs on:

Comments: Office clerk Les Manley is, as a competitor of a certain L. Laffer, a typical office nerd on a quest to meet babes and The King.

Package blurb:

Want more? Get Les! He finds his clothes at K-Mart. He finds his dates at Radio Shack. Now he's out to get rich quick by finding out the greatest entertainment of all time. Follow mild mannered Les Manley as he rocks 'n' rolls across America in search of big bucks, beautiful babes and... The King.

* Recognizes over 1,500 words. Even good ones.

* Animation so lifelike your hips will gyrate.

* Help Les try to impress the stunning Stella Hart.

* Over 70 bit-mapped screens make this one heavy game.

* Hot music. Hot colors. Hot dang.

* A game filled with engaging puzzles and felt paintings.

Les Manley, Lost in L. A.

Runs on:
  • PC [VGA]

Notes: Icon-based user interface. This is a sequel to Les Manley in: Search for the King.

Don't Go Alone


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